Aerospace and Defense

Omni Tool manufactures purpose-built tooling for assembly, maintenance, and testing of aerospace component parts and sub-assemblies.


Aerospace Tooling and GSE Manufacturing Services

Aerospace tooling is custom designed and built for your application. Our tooling ranges from special hand tools and equipment for part assembly to custom lift systems for manoeuvring components for final assembly.


Aerospace and Defence Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Ground support equipment is designed and built for mobile and fixed structure applications. Equipment is designed with hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic control systems where required. Structural systems can feature mechanized control for movement and positioning.

Our Productivity Automation for the Aerospace Industry

Access Staging

Engine Shipping and Transport Cradles

Adjustable Access and Maintenance Stairs

Wing Transport Cradles

Tow Bar Kits

Boot Strap Kits

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Assembly And Storage Stands


Layout Mandrels


Material Handling

Custom Work Platforms

Custom Work Platforms

Maintenance Platforms, Decks, and Docks

Various Manipulation Devices


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